Simplicity Kitset Stair Install Guide

Simplicity Kitset Stairs give you easy and simple stair construction with this Kitset stair install guide.

Manufactured to perfection using excellent quality materials, to make a valuable upgrade to your home, more information is available below on the Simplicity Kitset Stair System and how to install one at your place.

Stringer & Tread Options

Stringers by Top Flyte Systems

Standard Stringer

Ex 200 x 50. Radiused edges. Treated to H3.2 strength for external use. 4 step stringer example shown. Other size stringers are available.

Stair Treads

Standard Treads are 150mm x 50mm profile. Enquiries for other heights and dimensions are welcome. They can be calculated as follows: Divide total height by 0.175 and subtract 1.

eg. 1.225 ÷ 0.175 – 1 = 6 step.

Batten supplied with treads to comply with NZBC D1 Access Code.

Cut Under Stringer

Example shown is 300mm x 50mm. Radiused Edges. Treated to H3.2 strength for external use.

Overlay with decking of your choice.

Height Guide

Ground level to deck

  • 1 step: 0.350m
  • 2 step: 0.525m
  • 3 step: 0.700m
  • 4 step: 0.875m
  • 5 step: 1.050m
  • 6 step: 1.225m
  • 7 step: 1.400m
  • 8 step: 1.575m
  • 9 step: 1.750m
  • 10 step: 1.925m
  • 11 step: 2.100m
  • 12 step: 2.275m
  • 13 step: 2.450m
  • 14 step: 2.625m
  • 15 step: 2.800m

Horizontal distance = 280mm x number of treads.

Cut Under Stringer Assembly

  1. Fasten Stringer to your deck at the desired distance.
  2. Then cut decking or desired material to length and fasten onto your new Stringers securely. This makes for a superb finish.
  3. If you intend to leave the stairs as open face, please note that it is a building code requirement that a gap of no more than 100mm exists on the open face.

Standard Stringer Assembly

  1. Cut to length. As an example for a 1000mm wide stair overall, you will need to cut the treads at 930mm long (1000mm – 70mm = 930mm). This will give you your finished width of 1000mm.
  2. Turn Stringers upside down and slide the treads into the grooves.
  3. Cut battens slightly shorter (we recommend 40mm shorter) than tread width and fasten to the underside of the front edge of the treads. We recommend that they be placed 20mm in from the front edge, providing 20mm of clearance from front of tread and from Stringers. The battens are a building code requirement.
  4. Skew nail treads into stringer with galvanised nails, or just nail through from the outside of the Stringer into the tread.
  5. Finish nailing the stair together, then fix the completed stair to your deck.

Spacing Guide

  • Decking Size 150mm x 50mm – Stringer Spacing up to 1200mm apart.
  • Decking Size 90mm x 35mm – Stringer Spacing up to 600mm apart.
  • Decking Size 90mm x 19mm – Stringer Spacing up to 450mm apart.

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