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When you deal with Top Flyte, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you’re dealing with skilled, experienced craftsmen, from the workshop floor to the management. And you can be sure that the team have a high level of commitment to providing the right solution to you, the first time.

Bradleigh Park - Internal Stairs by Top Flyte Systems

Top Flyte Stairs is one of the most innovative and forward-moving businesses in the market. With our committed and skilled team, paramount service and product knowledge, we can assist in any project requiring staircases or balustrading!

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Original and Unique

If you are looking for that special staircase, original and unique, Top Flyte is the company to contact. We can work with you to design a staircase to be extraordinarily elegant and practical.


Experience and pride work together

Top Flyte has been in the business for decades, and although we keep ourselves at the cutting edge of contemporary design and production methods, at Top Flyte there’s also a pride of workmanship that is reminiscent of a bygone era.

Our Warranty

That’s why we’re confident in providing a comprehensive 7-year warranty on workmanship.

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We are one of New Zealand’s leading designers and manufacturers of traditional and contemporary internal stairs and balustrades, supplying developers, builders and end-users throughout the country.

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