Attic ladder

Attic Ladder

Quality Imported Ladders

Quality ladders made in Denmark perfect for your storage place or mezzanine floor. This ladder is supplied with feet, handrail and an architrave to ensure a nice clean finish. The ladder is assembled and ready for installation and is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. The attic ladder brochure and install guide is provided at the end of this article for your convenience.

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attic ladder
Attic Ladder Handrail by Top Flyte Systems
  • No draughts or heat loss: The casing contains a rubber draught excluder, preventing loss of heat and draughts from our Attic Ladders. The casing and trapdoor are rebated for extra tight closing. The trapdoor has a 20 mm spruce frame, 20 mm polystyrene insulation & white masonite plates both sides, and gives an excellent insulation co-efficiency of 1.22 W/m2⁰C.

  • Height adaptable: Adaptable to floor-to-ceiling heights of up to 2.830m (3.3m with optional extension kit)

  • No attic space wasted: The ladder folds neatly into 3 sections and requires no headroom or storage space in the loft.

  • No slipping: A non-slip surface for extra security features on all 12 treads.

  • Robust: Test-loaded at 300kg, our Attic Ladders are rated for a maximum safe working load of 150 kg

Features of Hobby Attic Ladders by Top Flyte Systems:

  • Easy to Open & Close: We know that not everyone has muscles like a weightlifter. Our Hobby Attic Ladders are designed to be effortlessly opened using the rod and hook supplied. Raise or lower the ladder easily and benefit from the self-locking feature.

  • Easy to install: The Hobby Attic Ladder comes fully assembled, ready for installation with easy-to-follow instructions. Although we recommend that your Hobby Attic Ladder is installed by a qualified builder, an accomplished DIY person should have no difficulty. Please use the phone number below for further installation help.

  • No permit required: Install with confidence. Providing the stair installation follows the instructions supplied, there is no building permit required. Install into either a ceiling or mezzanine.

  • Guarantee of quality: Manufactured from strong and durable spruce timber, the Hobby Attic Ladder comes with a guarantee on workmanship and materials for 10 years from the date of purchase.

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