Attic Ladder

Quality ladder made in Denmark. Perfect for your storage place or mezzanine floor.

The ladder is supplied partly assembled and ready for installation, and is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions.

Providing the ladder is installed according to the instructions, there is no requirement for a building permit.


  • Casing Size: 1175mm x 576mm
  • Opening Size: 1200 mm x 600mm
  • Floor to Ceiling Height: 2830m (Extension is available for up to 3.300 m - small stepladder may be required to operate extension)
  • Casing Height: 115mm
  • Number of Treads: 12 (without extension kit)
  • Max Landing Space: 1400mm
  • Max Swing Clearance: 1630mm
  • Metal Handrail: Optional
  • Rated: 150kg